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VoiceTek Voice Support

We offer VoIP support designed to provide the best level of proactive, preventative phone system support. From preventative maintenance and monitoring 24/7 to remote and onsite IT support.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

VoIP System Maintenance

  • Online case management
  • Asset management and inventory
  • Major revision upgrades
  • Network performance tuning and optimization
  • Warranty and service contract

VoIP Security

  • Configuration backup
  • Security mitigation audit and remediation

VoiceTek VoIP Services

VoIP for Business

VoiceTek Hosted VoIP is the most affordable option for your business phone system. Our cloud VoIP service helps your organization to simplify how you manage the phones and conferencing setup.

Hosted PBX

You get all of the functionality you would expect from an on-premise enterprise PBX. connect anytime, from virtually anywhere, on any device. We’ll manage your entire VoIP solution

Next Gen Call Center Solution

Messaging, voice and video building blocks to add new experiences to your contact center or build one from the ground up. Stay ahead of customer expectations with an omnichannel contact center.

IVR Solutions

The modern IVR helps customers find what they’re looking for faster, reducing operational costs and increasing customer loyalty.

Team Collaboration Software

Work is not a place you go, it is what you do. It does not matter if you to work from home or remotely VoiceTek provides you with the ability to be always connected to your office regardes of your location

SMS/ MMS Bulk Solutions

Manage your own list and send your own messaging. As part of our solution portfolio we can provide your company with their own marketing tools using a very modern SMS/MMS solution.

VoIP phones - Conference Speakers and More

you’ll have pristine sound quality and support for premium phones

Flexible pricing structure

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Company Starter


Line/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • US phone number
  • 2 User Extension
  • 2 Device license
  • Call plan subscription

Unlimited Plus


per 2 line/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • 2 US phone number
  • 7 User Extension
  • 7 Device licenses
  • Call plan subscription

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